“Think its movie” Launching

IMG_0440.JPGKick then off together you know what We mean right? 🔥🔥we’ve got loads of questions people asking what thinkitsmovie is all about guessed this is the right time. Think it’s movie is a 2day movie exhibition and tourism event that aims to project the diverse angles of the movie industry by connecting various tourism involved in the production, to a cosmopolitan audience of movie enthusiasts.


At the think it’s movie there will be a wide variety of movie exhibitors/business moguls
In addition to the event, Gidioti empire ”Think its Movie ” event will also offer culinary experiences such as meet and greet, lifestyle, tourism and nightlife activation with renowned Nigerian actress/actors, with lots of massive fun and thrilling entertainment.
The event will host more than 50 guest within the entertainment space venue: club 52 pool extension quarry imperial hotel,quarry road Abeokuta, ogun state on the 26th of may and 27th may ,2017.Attendance is strictly by invitation
To get an invite for the this event call Moyo: +2348032464085, Williams: +2349057585317,Slasha +23408036314847 #thinkitsmovie #gidiotiempire #tizzlepromotions #movies #bayramcnwizu Cc on Instagram
@eberechukwubayraymcnwizu @flobytconnect @soradlion @boagrafix @newswrita @g9hphotography @kogaent @nack_apparel @ent_redefined @club_52 @gidigroove @moodfaden @westerntouch @360nobs @ogunmedia @ogunblogger


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